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One of the main challenges of any company is the development of the marketing capabilities of its management and key staff. In reality, not all those in marketing related functions have the requisite skills, and those who do may be light in practical industry experience. Even experienced marketers can use a forum for fresh views and new paradigms. Our marketing skill building programs target these needs.

Our in-house customizable programs are designed to bring order out of disorder and process out of chaos to the marketing management function. Based primarily on a workshop format, these 2 to 4 day programs are intensive 'learning and doing' experiences that include engaging discussions and in-context exercises. Using Suidan Associates' comprehensive marketing planning process, participants work step-by-step on defining their business, analyzing their market and segmenting it, setting objectives, and developing integrated strategies and tactical marketing plans to achieve their goals. Participants then present their work to other team members for their review and comments

Client feedback abou
t our programs has been outstanding. Participants value the company-specific application, the hands-on format, and the business-focused team-building. They view the programs as invigorating experiences that substantially increase marketing skills, establish a common team language, and provide a head start on a strong and effective marketing plan. In addition, the programs address important company issues in a confidential environment while saving travel time and costs.


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