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Client Testimonials

“The process and techniques that Zuhair Suidan teaches are the best way that I have seen of building rapid consensus around a technology marketing strategy. You will go back to the office with tools that you can immediately apply.”

Matthew Goldsbrough, Managing Director, Goldsbrough Consulting Ltd., formerly in senior marketing and business development roles with Hyperion and Informatica

"The most focused and productive days I have spent in the past ten years in this industry sector..."

--Jezz Leckenby, Director of Marketing, Veeco

"Easily the best course of this type I have attended in 30+ years in business. I believe this will be a most beneficial tool to all our companies which use it."

--Neil Duarte, President, Flow Group

"Do this everywhere, but not for our competitors."

--John O'Rourke, Director, Product Marketing, Hyperion Software

"This is the best session I have ever attended; the fast-paced, well organized presentation of the material was superb."

--Larry Quick, President and CEO, Flow Automation

"Suidan’s process is clear and easy to use, his leadership skills are exceptional and his ability to keep a group fired up is exemplary."

--Mary Westbrook, Vice President, National Computer Systems

"Excellent program! Most useful to me and my firm! All the topics were of value. The flow was logical, connected, and cumulative."

--Charlotte Hart Riordan, Vice President,
Product Strategy and Marketing, Programart Corp.

"Timely, complete, well-presented. Gave us a clear process and a common language."

--Linda Bruner, Marketing Director, Perkin Elmer

"The structure of the process, Zuhair's experience, and the interaction with the other participants were of great value..."

--John Ranta, Director of Marketing and Systems Integration, Clam Associates

"How to do a market plan; How to introduce new products; The various methods of formalized competitive analysis; The interactive discussions... were of most value to me."

--Tim Perkins, Vice President, Marketing, Segue

"Excellent! Great prep for our upcoming planning cycle; lifted my eyes up to the horizon... I recommend this to all who are trying to bring order to their marketing and planning processes."

--Tom Cox, President, ExecuTrain, Boston Area

“Even if you have an MBA and have a keen eye on everything in your industry, you need this program.”

Suzi Craig-Edwards, Marketing Communications Specialist, Nerac Inc.

“I received the value of all my past marketing courses rolled into this session.  This program is high-value / low-risk.”

Scott Yudkin, Product Manager, St. Gobain Performance Plastics

“If you want to understand your own business and put it in context of business needs, processes and strategic direction, this is the course for you.”

Bilal Mehmood, Tissue and Marketing Manager, Kadant Web Systems

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