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Representative Consulting Engagements

Your market opportunities are unique, your competitors are unique, your internal capabilities are unique, and your company's goals are unique. It is no surprise then that your firm's marketing consultation needs are also unique. Suidan Associates recognizes this, so we tailor our offerings to satisfy your specific needs.

Our services span a wide spectrum, from requirement analyses, to tailored market research studies, to leading your team in structured market planning and product marketing projects, to stepping in into an operational marketing executive position on a supplemental basis. The following sample of consulting engagements illustrates the broad range of our experience:

Market Research and Analysis

  • For a major national computer services firm, analyzed the opportunity resulting from the Welfare Reform legislation and developed strategies and plans for market entry.
  • For a major international information technology firm, sized the IT market opportunity in the Gulf countries (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Yemen), analyzed market trends and vendor's position, and recommended strategies to capitalize on the opportunity.

Team Leadership

  • Led sales and marketing management teams from three merging divisions with different sales forces and incompatible sales compensation plans in consolidating their sales forces. This required developing a best of breed sales compensation plan that provides strong incentives for accelerated sales growth while being financially responsible to the company, and developing cross-product and consultative selling training plans.
  • Led cross-functional executive team of a major production mail hardware and software systems firm in developing integrated marketing plans in support of the high end of the business. This included increased focus on the high growth and high value software and services market segments, and re-branding of the entire product line.
  • For a medium sized software firm, analyzed current plans and planning processes, created a new process, and led the executive team in developing a three year corporate strategic plan and a one year operating plan. The planning process contributed to bridging gaps in thinking and focused the vision for corporate growth.
  • For a division of a major international telecommunications firm, led executive team in developing a business plan for strategic entry into the advanced video services market.
  • Led a cross functional team of a major national computer services firm in analyzing the post-secondary education market, the firm's position in it, and recommending strategies to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Led the management team of a rapidly growing small software firm in improving their understanding of their market and in developing a plan for the expansion of the firm's operations from their East Coast Headquarters to the West Coast.

Operational Roles

  • As Vice President of International Business Development for a revolutionary safety medical devices firm, introduced the product line overseas, with focus on developing the international distributor channel.
  • As an acting Vice President of Business Management for a shipping systems firm, led development of a dramatic shift in market strategy in the face of fierce competition and eroding market position.

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