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Market Planning Services

Market Planning is the process through which a business selects target customers, assesses the needs or wants of these customers and manages its resources to satisfy its target customers' needs or wants.

It includes a number of other sub-processes:

  • Defining the business you're in
  • Analyzing market conditions
  • Defining the customer set and the classes of wants or needs to be addressed
  • Segmenting the customer set
  • Selecting certain segments and deselecting other segments
  • Assessment of the company's capabilities vis-à-vis competition for the selected segments
  • Defining offerings to satisfy the selected segments buyers' needs or wants
  • Identifying resources needed to deliver these offerings

Suidan Associates' market planning services guide you through the process outlined above. The objectives of our market planning consultation include: improving your understanding of your market, your competition and your internal capabilities; getting your team to 'speak the same language' and 'be on the same page'; developing your organization's market planning skills; and improving the quality of your market plans. The ultimate goal of these services is to lay the foundation for better business results.

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