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Program Tailoring

Suidan Associates' strategic marketing programs are designed to be tailored to your company's specific needs. We can focus on or add topics where you have special requirements, or de-emphasize or eliminate topics that you feel are well taken care of in your firm. Here are some examples:

Example 1
Your challenge: Develop a process to understand your markets, creating appropriate marketing mix strategies, and defining winning market offerings.

Potential solution: A 2 to 3 day program focusing on the market management process, mission/business definition, market/competitive/internal analyses, setting up a market intelligence system, strategic planning, and offering definitions.

Example 2
Your challenge: Market more effectively your existing product line.

Potential solution: A 2 to 3 day program focusing on understanding the unique values of your offerings, defining the segments to which they could be appealing, targeting the selected segments, defining the optimal sales channel for each segment, positioning the offerings vs. competition, understanding the buying decision dynamics, and developing a marketing communications campaign.

Example 3
Your challenge: Your marketing function is operating fine. You just need help in a particular area, such as setting up a robust marketing planning process, and/or strengthening the market intelligence function, and/or making sense of market segmentation, and/or exploring sensible pricing strategies, and/or developing appropriate market positioning bases for your products, etc..

Potential solution: Let's discuss developing a tailored offering for your specific needs.


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