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Zuhair Suidan

Zuhair Suidan is the principal of Suidan Associates, a marketing, strategic planning and business development management consultancy. He has a 30-year widely varied professional background covering a broad range of projects involving consulting, marketing planning, strategy development, and the management of marketing and technical areas, in both staff and line functions. His experience includes leading multiple client teams in different corporate, industry, and competitive position settings with the goal of understanding their markets, analyzing their opportunities, and developing distinctive, integrated and workable marketing strategies.

Mr. Suidan builds on his clients' accumulated market knowledge, their understanding of the competition and their existing capabilities. To help clients meet their goals, he developed an industrial-strength, yet easy-to-use, strategic marketing planning process that highly increases the effectiveness and speed of visioning and objective setting, situation analyses, and marketing planning. Based on the methods laid out in his process, Mr. Suidan has presented scores of seminars and workshops on strategic marketing management, services marketing, and marketing ROI measurement and optimization. He has also taught Strategic Marketing and Strategic Management courses that are part of the University of Connecticut and Fairfield University MBA and School of Business programs.

Educated at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Zuhair Suidan holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. His background in strategic marketing is grounded in the information systems industry and IBM, where he had a varied 23-year career. Operational roles include manager of strategic planning for a billion-dollar software business, and vice president of international business development for a startup medical safety device manufacturer.

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