Suidan Associates Consulting
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Why Suidan Associates?

Our clients have told us that the benefits we bring to their companies during our consulting engagements include an industrial strength--and simple to apply--process, focus and energy, a valuable macro view, maximum buy-in to the work product, and skills and knowledge transfer.

Our proven processes chart a step-by-step approach that demystifies situation analyses, strategic planning and marketing planning. A senior Vice-President of strategy of a multi-billion dollar company made this comment about our methods: "Over the years we have seen and worked with hundreds of consultants. You are the first to have operationalized the marketing planning process."

Focus and Energy
Engaging Suidan Associates brings focus and energy to important projects not being addressed internally due to a shortage of skills or resources.

Macro View
Suidan Associates will not only provide a fresh and objective viewpoint, it will bring to the table a perspective built on extensive business experience in a wide variety of environments complimentary to your organization.

Maximum Buy-in
One of the goals of a Suidan Associates consulting engagement is to help our clients find solutions from within. We leverage your team's market knowledge with our process, expertise and leadership. We do not impose solutions. The work product is yours, not ours, and as a result, buy-in is maximized.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer
Suidan Associates' approach to consulting is carefully designed to leave a lasting positive effect on your organization. Through our work with your marketing team, skills are developed and knowledge is built allowing them to perform successfully during future projects with little to no outside help.

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